Monday, November 24, 2008

Off Orientation

So after about 4 1/2 months working in the NICU (during which I have been working under a Preceptor for guidance/asking questions/help) I am officially on my own, as of last week. I am both excited and nervous about it!! So far, the babies I have taken care of on my own have been feeder/grower babies, which are the more stable babies who have resolved most of their medical issues and are learning how to eat before they go home. I am hoping they give me some more critical babies too, to challenge me. Below is a picture that my mother in law sent me in an email. It's a good example of a more critical baby that we would take care of. It really is amazing working with these infants and their families, and I feel like I will be learning the rest of my career about the best ways to take care of them.  

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Alan said...

Good job :)

Now you are a real nurse ;)

I heard you are having a busy day at work today ;)